Here some of the more interesting events I've enjoyed

Rode in a Stunt Plane

I did a commercial for the Blue Ash Air Show. As a reward I got to fly in acrobatic plane. I don't remember what type of plane or the pilot, but I remember the ride. Only a couple of barrel rolls, a loop-de-loop, and an eight point spin. One trick was to take the plane into a dive then pull up, I got 5Gs, then the pilot shot the plane straight up. When we got to the top of the climb the plane was suspended in midair hanging on it's propeller. Then it drops, zero Gs. What a ride! I remember when I first got to the airstrip the pilot was sitting under the wing of his plane. He apologized for not getting up. He had just come backed from a flight and he was tired. I thought to myself. “so”. After the flight I could barely walk the rest of the day. My head spun for hours. The ride I got was only a tenth of what he did for the air show and and twice as long on time. A new respect of pilots.

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