Charles' Life Journey

Here some of the more interesting events I've enjoyed

We Won the Series!

world series trophyBack in the day, when I was working for Time Warner, Fox Sports Ohio would use our studio in the off season to record Real Reds Show. For set pieces they would bring in two World Series trophies. After the show we were tearing down the set and someone said, "Hey Charles, grab that trophy." ?!?! Really? So I picked it up (oh so carefully) and started to carry it out the door. But I couldn’t resist. I lifted it next my head and shouted, “We won the series! We won the series!” How much fun is that? Here’s the thing that ticks me off, with all that video equipment and my camera stuff, I didn’t get one picture with the trophies, much less carrying them.

White Water Rafting

Took a trip with some friends down a river in West Virginia. The New or the Gally, I can't remember. I do remember getting in the water to ride some small rapids bareback. I missed the green water and got into the white water and was sucked under. a little scarry. When I came to the surface everyone that got in behind me were now 50 yards in front of me. I would do it all again tomorrow through.


Who hasn't wanted to jump out of plane? One summer I did 12 times. I never got good enough to skydive. All but two of my jumps were static line. Think of WWII films were the soldiers hook up to a line then jump. Except a much smaller plane. It was really fun, but one of my last jumps I landed on my backside, which wasn't fun. Me, David, Teresa.

Olympic Bobsled Run

In 2006 my friend Scott and I met up at the NCAA basketball tournament in Salt Lake City . While there we went for a ride on the 2002 Olympic bobsled run. It was a blast. Imagine going 80mph, six inches off the ice, in a white U shaped tube, headed towards a white wall. Along with the sound like a hundred snow shovels on concrete. Our pilot coached the Jamaican and Greek Olympic bobsled teams.

Stand-Up Comedy

For about eight years, starting in 1998, I thought I was funny. I was proved wrong many times in those eight years, but what an experience. I took to the stage for the excitement and recharge my creativity. I had some great times, traveled, got paid (rare in a hobby), and made some good friends. I learned a lot about writing, public speaking and performance. Comedy can really change the way you see things. I don't think it was a waste of time. My niece may disagree. I missed her being crowned Trimble County homecoming queen in 2005, because I was in Elizabethtown Kentucky MCing a show of about 12 people. It was tough to quit. There's an old joke that goes, “What's the difference between comedy and heroin? You can quit heroin.”

Cave Diving

Since I was little I've wanted to scuba dive. All those Cousteau shows you understand. So 1987 I decide to give it a try. I only dived in the fresh water of Central Kentucky, but I was still fun. After a year, my instructor was going to get certified in cave diving and so I went too. Central Florida has submerged caves with crystal clear water. I remember one section that was only be three feet high by ten feet wide. Then I came out in to a breakdown room. Thousands of years ago, when it was dry cave, the ceiling collapsed. Now, full of water, I was floating across the ceiling and the floor was around 40' below me. It's the closest sensation I've ever had to flying .

Rode in a Stunt Plane

I did a commercial for the Blue Ash Air Show. As a reward I got to fly in acrobatic plane. I don't remember what type of plane or the pilot, but I remember the ride. Only a couple of barrel rolls, a loop-de-loop, and an eight point spin. One trick was to take the plane into a dive then pull up, I got 5Gs, then the pilot shot the plane straight up. When we got to the top of the climb the plane was suspended in midair hanging on it's propeller. Then it drops, zero Gs. What a ride! I remember when I first got to the airstrip the pilot was sitting under the wing of his plane. He apologized for not getting up. He had just come backed from a flight and he was tired. I thought to myself. “so”. After the flight I could barely walk the rest of the day. My head spun for hours. The ride I got was only a tenth of what he did for the air show and and twice as long on time. A new respect of pilots.

Purple People Bridge C!imb

This was such a fun job. I would take groups over the Purple People Bridge (Old US 25). It was promoted as an adventure, if you have a fear of heights it was terrifying, but it was more a unique view of the surrounding area. Of the 1000 or so people I guided over the truss work almost all thought it was fun. One great side benefit was I went from 210lbs to 195lbs.